Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – Level 2 on Kauai

 Vitality & Stress begins Sat. Nov. 1st!

Level 2 Courses

Conscious Communication

As teachers we uplift and penetrate through conscious communication. Come and experience mastery through the power of the word.

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Mind and Meditation

Conquer the mind, learn to conquer the world. Discover the tools to be still, intuitive, meditative and creative. Explore the structure of the mind and how to apply it as a teacher and as a student.

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Vitality and Stress

Change is a stress requiring our capacity to respond and adapt. Vitality is the capacity of our nervous and glandular system to adapt. Our caliber allows us to guide others through life’s challenges.

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Authentic Relationships

Our entire life existence unfolds within the matrix of our relationships and is the key to all our success. To live in authentic relationships, we must first embrace our true identity (Sat Nam) and consciously connect with our Divine Self. From this place we can then connect to the divine in the other and recognize the ONE that lives in all.

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LifeCycles and LifeStyles

Flowing with life we are renewed with each breath. Discover the mystery and the mastery through every cycle of life.

Email for More InfoAbout Level 2 Teacher TrainingLevel 2 Certification as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher is a course for transformation and application in daily life. Expect intense study, fun, and personal growth. Commit yourself to this process and your life will be forever changed.

During this 50-hour course, we will cultivate the core skill for this coming age – our own vitality – the ability to recognize stress in our self and others and be able to transform it and balance it with conscious relaxation.

  • This course is our chance to look closely at how we react to, cope with and master our vitality.
  • We will build our core vitality, mental endurance and spiritual clarity.
We will identify our stress personality.
  • We will explore the process, effects and downsides of too much stress.
  • We will identify strategies to cope with stress and cultivate conscious relaxation.

Each day we will study with the Master, Yogi Bhajan, in a video class and meditation. In addition we will work individually and in groups, exploring the nature of our stress identity as individuals and cross- culturally; we will use kriyas and meditations as well as other processes to identify our stressors and provide tools to balance and uplift ourselves and others.

Kauai Course Dates Fall 2014

Sat. Nov. 1  8am thru Sat. Nov. 8  2pm

50 hours of class time plus some time to snorkel and explore the beautiful island of Kauai

Preregister by Sept. 30 to reserve your space, course manual, and DVD set ~ $895.

After Sept. 30 ~ $995.

(Full-time students receive a 25 percent discount)

Cost includes Level 2 manual, DVDs and vegetarian lunch. Transportation, room and board is not included.

Location is Anahola, Hawaii.  Fly to the Lihue airport on the island of Kauai. Anahola is 15 miles North of the airport. Suggested you stay in between Kapaa to the South and Kilauea or Princeville to the North. VRBO or Air B&B are good resources.

Study with Sr. Trainers

Dr Hari Simran S. Khalsa & Sat Rattan K. Khalsa

This is a 62-hour course with 50 classroom hours and
12 hours of independent study over the course of 90 days. Vitality and Stress is one of five modules required for Level Two certification of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Participants must be KRI Level 1 certified instructors.

Call 510-407-5328  SatRattan@DrYogi.com

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The Kundalini Yoga Level 2 training program consists of five 60-hour modules:

• Conscious Communication
• Authentic Relationships
• Mind and Meditation
• Vitality and Stress
• Life Cycles and Life Styles

You may take these modules in any order. Completion of the five modules leads to certification as a Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. You will also be qualified to apply as a RYT-500 Hour Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance when you complete the five modules.We will continue to offer all five of these modules over time so you can complete this training at your own pace.

This program is open to students and teachers who have completed the KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course.

Teacher Training Level 2 is about the transformation and deepening of your own core capacities, character and consciousness. In this stage we will share a lot of new content in terms of information, techniques and themes, but the essence of this stage is about your establishing the ability to use your applied mind, applied intelligence and applied awareness. This is why we require at least two years of teaching experience during your mastery of the five modules of study contained in this stage. In other words, you must take AT LEAST 2 years to complete this level. This gives you the opportunity to apply the ideas, habits and techniques to yourself, both in your own life, and to a broad range of different classes and students.