Jan 13, 2016

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Oahu Teacher Training Begins April 30, 2016!


Why this course at this time, in this space?

This course is going to be epic, in an incredible location and with a very experienced teaching crew. We are sponsoring 2 upcoming courses and hope if you wish to stick your toe in the water, come on over to talk story about consciousness, love, healing and yoga.

I started delivering this material in 1979. It has been a true privilege. Working with Yogi Bhajan at the Master’s Touch Courses was certainly a highlight, but here we are now in Hawaii enjoying the prana.  We have been living full time in Hawaii for the past few years on Kauai, enjoying the Mana, the Aloha & the people! This course is going to be on the many beaches and other awesome locations on Oahu.



Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

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