Aug 12, 2015

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How does YOGA & Meditation work & Clinical Applications! Aug 2015

Dear Friends & Family: Aloha!

Have you ever wondered, “How does Yoga Work?”

This question, and others will be addressed in Petaluma and Sacramento in just a few days.

On August 22 (Petaluma) & August 23 (Sacramento), I am launching

The Clinical Applications of Kundalini Yoga program of study.

I was inspired by the recent request by yoga aficionados and clinicians to share what I do in the clinical environment in an educational setting. Combining discussion with experience we will explore the anatomy & physiology of yoga and meditation, how to customize your experience, and the science of happiness & fulfillment. Dr Veronica Reis is joining us in Sacramento. She has been involved in mental health for over 15 years and currently works with Vets at the VA in Palo Alto. Thanks to Sukh Bir Kaur and Guru Karam Kaur, for sponsoring these courses. If you would like this program in your area, let us know.


In Chicago: October 2,3,4 & 23,24 & 25 Level 2, Vitality & Stress Course

In Sacramento Level 2 Vitality & Stress in October 10

& in Northern California & San Leandro: Early November for a Teacher Training Course.

The PONO Chiropractic Institute is thriving in Kauai, serving the Chiropractic needs of the people of the island.

The farm is growing, trees are planted and we are ever expanding our productive areas.

Sat Nam & Wahe Guru

Dr “Yogi” Hari Simran Singh Khalsa

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