Feb 6, 2014

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INDIA Trip #3

Trip #3 India

It was just before the winter break, I was asked to lead a group of students to India. The arrangements where swift, the visa process was challenging and the plane ride was arduous. We knew that we where taking a leap into the unknown, but kept in mind that we where going to be serving thousands of people. All we knew is that it was a festival for human values.
We arrived after 20+ hours of travel, a bit weary, but ready to work.
At 9 am the first day, Friday, we assembled to provide care.
Interpreters where assigned, equipment unpacked.
The crowd was lining up, and we began providing care for the masses of people.
It was overwhelming to the students to manage their energies in such an environment. As the day evolved, the temperature rose, the perspiration flowed and the patients kept arriving. We saw people with all types of conditions, we saw everyone, and provided some awesome care to well over 1000 people a day. We had about 15 Chiropractors, delivering the goods, 9 am to 9pm…4 days in a row.

The growth that spontaneously happened in the process of fire was profound. I saw growth from beginner, to novice, to technician, to healer, to expert. The nights where late, the food yummy and the hosts were very hospitable. Thanks to the Nirankari folks for setting up such a great Seva, and service for so many needy people. They where gracious hosts and their service to humanity is truly a noble effort.

We all made it back to California. Back to the same place, but as different people.

Sat Nam
Wahe Guru!

Hari Simran Singh Khalsa BS DC

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