Jan 20, 2014

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Conscious Communication

Vitality & Stress

Level 2 Course

Begins March 14, 2014
San Francisco East Bay Area

Join us for this unique six-day course, to learn how to speak–meditatively and intuitively–not just to talk!  This course brings you the necessary tools and experience to create a more authentic and powerful projection of yourself. It takes you on a journey to discover your intuitive capacity and how to respond in a wise and compassionate way in each moment and situation.

  • Learn to listen and respond with compassion
  • Learn to elevate and inspire through your word
  • Obtain harmonious and fulfilling results in your relationship with others
  • Learn meditation techniques to awaken the power of your word and projection
  • Learn to communicate from that inner space where all duality disappears and divinity flows through you

Each day we study with the Master, Yogi Bhajan, in a video class and meditation. In addition we work both individually and in groups, exploring the key concepts and ideas in Conscious Communication. We experience kriyas and meditations as well as other processes to recognize how to align both our verbal and nonverbal messages into effective, creative, conscious communication.

Fri. March 14, Sat. March 15, Sun. March 16,

Fri. April 11, Sat. April 12, Sun. April 13

Fri. 2pm – 7pm 
Sat. & Sun.  8:30am – 6:30pm    

To register go to top bar, teacher training level 2

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