May 23, 2012

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Vitalistic Whole HuMan Healthcare

Wholistic Vitalism

Aristotle described a cosmic force known as eather that gives life to all things including inanimate objects. Biological vitalism states that all functions of a living organism are due to an unknown vital principle, distinct from all chemical and physical forces. Vitalism has traditionally referred to as the spark of life, or a vital spark (élan vital), which for many equates with the “soul.” Hippocrates associated these forces with the four humors or temperaments. These forces have been illustrated as Earth, Water, Fire & Air. These mysterious forces have also been described as Chi, Parana and life force.
The truth is we look at the Homan condition from many directions, seeing many facets and functions of life. We do not currently understand all the mechanisms of life. however the deeper we go into the mechanisms, the physiology and the hard science, the more we feel the shear momentum of LIFE Force. Perhaps we are more than the sum of all our functions.
The organization, efficacy and power of this life force are expressed in every mechanism of life. Wholistic Chiropractic Vitalism embraces science. Wholistic Chiropractic Vitalism embraces the momentum of life. Wholistic Chiropractic Vitalism renounces beliefs that interfere with the experience of truth.

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