May 3, 2012

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Chiropractic Roots run deep

Digging for the Roots of Chiropractic

DD Palmer is often referred to as the first to use posttraditional and postconventional logic, to overcome the reductionistic and dualistic trends of the time. Where did DD get these ideas? The answer is most likely from the philosophers who walked the path of healing before him. If you wish to truly understand the conclusions that DD & BJ made, read what he read and study the philosophers that influenced him. The roots of Chiropractic are found all around us, from Galen, to Kant. One of the philosophers material that is reflected is DD’s writings is, Schelling. The cornerstone of his philosophy is a comment from Wilber who writes about Schelling:
“He maintained, we have to go forward beyond Reason in order to discover that Mind and Nature are both simply different movements of one absolute Spirit, a Spirit that manifests itself in its own successive stages of unfoldment and enfold- ment. As Hegel would soon put it, Spirit is not One apart from Many, but the very process of the One expressing itself in successive unfolding in and through the Many—it is infinite activity expressing itself in and as the finite process of development itself (or evolution). “
In this model, self awairness, adaptation, neuroplasticity and self awareness is the evolution of the human spirit, the path of life and the methods of Chiropractic.

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