Jul 18, 2011

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About Sat Rattan Kaur- post

Sat Rattan Kaur Khalsa began practicing Kundalini yoga in 1978 and trained with Yogi Bhajan for many years. Her specialty is teaching children’s yoga, but she has taught all ages, from 3 years old to 85. She brings over 25 years experience teaching in Montessori Schools and is a certified Montessori educator.

Sat Rattan is a Sr Teacher. She is also a Lead Trainer for the San Francisco East Bay Area KRI Teacher Training Level 1 program, and a KRI Level 2 Trainer. Sat Nam Rasayan healing is also an important practice for her.

She is a recipient of the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Association “Building Communities in Yoga” award. A Level 1 graduate said of Sat Rattan, “her nobility and strength were foundational to the program. She is truly motivated to see the students become great teachers and royal human beings.”

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